Homeless man steps in to help girl left stranded after missing her train home

Nicole was helped by Mark, who is homeless, after she missed her train home and was left stranded Credit: Nicole Sedgebeer/ Facebook

A homeless man has been hailed a "legend" after saving a young girl from spending a night on the streets after she missed her last train home.

Nicole Sedgebeer, 21, said she didn't know what to do after she missed her train from Euston to Milton Keynes on Thursday night until on the verge of bursting into "drunken tears" she was offered help from a homeless man called Mark.

Mark walked Nicole to a 24 hour cafe where she would be safe to wait overnight and, leaving her with a cup of coffee, he went off to collect his sleeping bag before returning in the morning to walk her back to the station for the first train.

Nicole posted her story on Facebook in the hope that "this story makes people look twice when they see a homeless person", prompting comments from her friends that Mark was a "legend".

Mark told Nicole he helped her because it was dangerous for her to walking by herself at that time of night and he felt "it was a father's duty to get another man's daughter home safe".

He even called Nicole in the morning, after she gave him her number, to make sure she had arrived home safe.

Nicole said the experience means she will never look at a homeless person the same again.

UPDATE: Here's what happened when ITV London reunited the pair for the first time since Nicole's ordeal...