Disabled boy's wish to meet Adele comes true as she dedicates song to him

Ross Donnan with his mum Clair and Adele ahead of her concert at the O2 Credit: Ross Donnan/@rossthesmiler

A disabled boy had his wish of meeting Adele granted when he was given a surprise invite backstage ahead of her show last night at the O2 Arena.

Ross Donnan, aged 7, has epilepsy, visual impairment, global development delay, and a genetic mutation KCNQ2 that affects his brain.

Ross, from Surrey, is a big Adele fan, and has grown up listening to her music, which helps calm him during seizures. His parents Clair and Karl Donnan decided to get in touch with the Make-A-Wish charity to see if they could grant Ross's wish to see Adele live.

They received two tickets to her gig yesterday at the O2 Arena, but were in for a surprise when they got there - Adele invited them for a personal meet-and-greet.

Ross at the O2, waiting for the concert to begin Credit: Ross Donnan/@rossthesmiler

His mum said they had been waiting in their seats ahead of the show when they were invited into a basement room at the arena, they didn't know at that point they would be meeting Adele, but were given the news by one of the star's staff.

Mrs Donnan said: “It was absolutely amazing, my little Ross has loved Adele since he was 2. He's grown up with her and all her music.

"We didn't know until the very last minute we were going to meet her. She was lovely and had obviously seen lots of our Twitter feed, she asked about his brothers and wanted to Facetime everybody back home."

Mum Clair, Ross and Adele before the concert Credit: Ross Donnan/@rossthesmiler

Adele then suggested she sing Ross a song. She chose Someone Like You - his absolute favourite.

Mrs Donnan added: "She knelt down next to him, put her hands on him and sang Someone Like You. He turned to her, started to laugh and tried to sing along with her."

And their night wasn't over - there was still the concert to go and Adele told Ross she would dedicate her performance later of Someone Like You to him.

Ross enjoying the concert Credit: Ross Donnan/@rossthesmiler

Mrs Donnan said: “Ross was really amazed during the concert – it was a wonderful show. Parts of it, when I looked at his face, he was completely mesmerised. Some of the songs are instantly recognisable and he was awestruck.”

She had already made Ross’s wish come true, but good as her word, Adele went one better. She dedicated her performance of Someone Like You to the audience of 20,000, but added that it was especially for Ross, because it was his favourite song.

Reflecting on the event, Mrs Donnan told ITV News: "We can't thank her enough. It was just completely unexpected and it really did make our night. I'm just so pleased Ross will have these memories to look back on."