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'Vampire' fanged cat finally finds a new home following appeal for new owners

Rory has 'fantastic fangs'. Credit: Battersea Dog's & Cats Home.

A cat with 'vampire' like long fangs has finally found a home following an appeal for new owners by Battersea Dog's & Cats Home.

'Vampire' fanged cat gets new home in new owners appeal. Credit: Battersea Dog's & Cats Home.

His new carers said that the cat - called Rory -was left at Battersea because his owners could "no longer look after him".

Battersea said that after dental work at the Cattery, the puss has had most of his teeth removed, apart from his "fantastic fangs".

Rory is a gorgeous boy and his dazzling smile will hopefully help him find a new home soon. Any little quirk or feature that makes a cat stand out in the cattery is guaranteed to draw attention from potential owners, and Rory certainly knows how to show off the pearly whites he has left.

He can be a chatty cat and loves to be stroked and nuzzled by anyone who will give him attention.

We have around 220 cats across our three centres at any one time, and all of them have their own little traits that will make them the perfect match for their new owners.

– JoAnna Puzzo, Battersea’s Cattery Team Leader,
Rory is now on reserve for a new owner. Credit: Battersea Dog's & Cats Home.

Rory is now on reserve for a new owner which Battersea said was "great news".