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Double decker bus bursts into flames in middle of busy south London street

A double decker bus burst into flames in middle of busy south London street with police treating the incident as "suspected arson".

Video courtesy of Aslan Parçası.

Witness Nicholas Vassiliades, 21, told the Evening Standard he saw a woman "screaming and running away" as fireball took hold of the number 208 bus in Loampit Vale near Lewisham station.

There was a little bit of smoke coming out of the back of the bus, then all of a sudden it started to escalate, until the fire engulfed pretty much the whole back of the bus.

You could hear the cracking of the glass and there were sparks flying off.

It went up very quickly. The whole bus went black and basically started to melt.

– Student Nicholas Vassiliades, speaking to the Evening Standard

Fire crews were called at about 6pm and had the flames under control by about 20 minutes later.

The road reopened after about half an hour.

Although it looked dramatic, it was a simple fire... and is being dealt with as a suspected arson.

– Lewisham Police

Police said the fire was being treated as a possible arson attack.