Police officers deliver baby boy at the side of the road after mother goes into labour in van

Police deliver baby boy after they were flagged down by a van driver. Credit: Met Police

A baby boy has been delivered by police officers at the side of the road, after they were flagged down by a van driver when his passenger went into labour.

The officers - both male - were on patrol in Harrow when the driver waved them down in Kenton Road, at around 1.30pm.

They pulled over to find out what was wrong - and found the passenger in the van was a woman who had started giving birth.

The newborn boy - named Alex - was welcomed into the world and wrapped in a Metropolitan Police fleece.

A crew from London Ambulance Service was then called, and mother and baby were transferred to a hospital in north-west London.

Harrow Police later tweeted the good news, saying: "A special Easter delivery, delivered by officers from Harrow Police on Kenton Road this morning. Named Alex."