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Russian state media mocked over claim of no-go 'explosive ethnic neighborhoods' in London

Russian state media has been ridiculed over claims of no-go 'explosive ethnic neighborhoods' in London.

The article, called Where police fear to Tread was posted on the Sputnik news agency website and highlights Brixton, Peckham and Tottenham.

Russian media mocked: 'No-go London neighborhoods' claim. Credit: PA

The agency has links with the Kremlin and the Russian state backed RT news outlet.

  • Brixton described as "one of the most dangerous districts in the city”
  • Peckham described as “troublesome district”
  • Tottenham where "large-scale riots erupted"

The multi-ethnic borough [Brixton] itself is predominantly populated by people of African and Caribbean descent. Brixton is notorious for high levels of unemployment and poverty. RT recommends avoiding walking in the borough

– Sputnik News

Peckham is mainly populated by immigrants from African countries and has the largest concentration of illegal immigrants and refugees in London.

The last time the world heard about these new Londoners was in the summer of 2011 when large-scale riots erupted in Tottenham and then quickly spilled over to the other districts of London.

– Sputnik News

The article describes neighbourhoods in three major European cities - London, Paris and Berlin - as “potentially explosive”.