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Muslim woman wearing face veil racially abused and called 'Batman' in shop

A Muslim woman wearing a veil was racially abused and called 'Batman' in a shop in south London.

Credit: YouTube/Ahlam UmmAqsa

Ahlam Saed, 25, filmed the moment she was shouted and sworn at simply because she wore a niqab.

In the video the man can be heard asking:

Why you dressed like that then? Why you dressed like that? Why you dressed like that? How can they know if you're a man of a woman.

– -

Ahlam Saed says she filmed the abuse because she wanted to show the kinds of treatment some Muslims are subjected to in the UK.

Speaking to Mail Online she said:

At first I was angry with what he was saying but I decided to filter it out and show him that I did speak English and that I am educated.

But all I got was effin and blinding, so it was was useless trying to have a conversation.

It's upsetting that people like me, who were minding their own business, have to go through this sort of thing.

– Ahlam Saed

Police are appealing for anyone who know the identity of the man in the video to contact them.