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Controversial painting showing Donald Trump naked goes on display in London

A controversial painting showing Donald Trump fully naked is going on display in London.

Titled 'Make America Great Again' artist Illma Gore imagined what the billionaire Republican hopeful would look like without any clothes on.

But the painting has proved controversial and Gore says she's received hundreds of death threats.

Speaking to ITV News Gore said she was simply trying to make a point about gender.

I intended to evoke a reaction to evoke a reaction from the audience. I don't think that our genitals - or what's in our pants - defines your gender, your power of your status.

It's been unsafe to show the painting in the United States. But the Maddox [gallery in Mayfair, London] has been amazing about it and they took me in straight away.

It's a relief to be able to show it after being censored and taken off social media so much.

– Illma Gore, artist

Make America Great Again goes on display at the Maddox Gallery, Mayfair on Monday, April 11.