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Builder from Highgate looks to rent his loo for £3,000 a month

Photo: Google street view

A builder from Highgate believes he has spotted a "gap in the market" in deciding to rent or sell his standalone toilet inside a block of flats on Highgate West Hill.

James Atherton predicts his new found business will gain lots of interest should Camden Council press ahead with controversial plans to close public toilets in Pond square.

He told the Camden New Journal,

The bus drivers in Highgate don’t have a toilet. I thought they might be interested in buying it, or maybe three of them could get together and rent it. I hope they don’t shut the public toilets in Pond Square because they are needed but it would be good news for me in a business sense.

– James Atherton

The toilet is up for rent at £3,000 a month but Atherton has said he would consider selling a 20-year lease for £20,000.