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Handguns and AK-47s seized in police crackdown on gun crime

Fourteen firearms including eight handguns and three AK-47s have been seized by police.

This haul, seized prior to operation Kestrel 2, shows the kind of weapons police are trying to take off the streets Credit: Met Police

Officers have so far arrested 30 people in a week-long crackdown on gun crime, which began on Monday, including for attempted murder, assault and drug offences.

Operation Kestrel 2 is pulling together specialist policing units to track down criminals who carry or hide guns.

Firearms seized:

  • Eight handguns
  • One Magnum rifle
  • Three AK-47 assault rifles
  • Two shotguns with ammunition

Weapons sweeps, intelligence-led operations and patrols by armed response vehicles are all part of the crackdown.

Trident is also targeting people who use the internet and parcel services to smuggle firearms into the country.

Operation Kestrel 2 seeks to disrupt gun crime in London.

It's not just about catching people in possession of firearms - it's about letting them know that police are out on the streets, targeting gun crime activity and disrupting their ability to move guns about London.

Using both covert and very overt tactics we will make it as hard as possible for criminals to carry or hide guns or supply them to others.

– Det Supt Damian Allain

The operation runs until Sunday.