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Phone call scammers posing as officials demand £65 cash for council tax 'reduction'

Scammers demand £65 cash for council tax 'reduction'. Credit: PA

A council has warned residents over reports of a scam where people are offered a reduction in council tax.

The company is unlikely to challenge your band and may also misrepresent your rights and obligations.

Bromley is not working with any company in respect of council tax banding and you can, if you wish, have your tax band checked free by contacting your local Valuation Office on 0300 050 1501.

– Head of Trading Standards Rob Vale s

Bromley Council says scammers operating in the borough offer a reduction in their council tax banding which they claim will mean a refund.

The criminals say they work for Bromley Council and say they need an upfront payment of £65, This is Local London reports.