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Baby girl born on Queen's 90th birthday at Queen Elizabeth Hospital is named Willow Elizabeth

A baby girl born on the Queen's 90th birthday and at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital has been named Willow Elizabeth.

She came into the world on the day that the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday.

And the hospital she was born at was none other than the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.

Now, somewhat fittingly the new addition to the family has been named Willow Elizabeth Southgate, in honour of the Britain's monarch.

It does feel really special.

I didn't think it could get more special, but it really has.

I love the monarchy. I think it's brilliant.

I think they bring so much to the country. I think they are really good.

It's a small link to the Royal family.

– Mum Lauren Courtenay

Mum Lauren Courtenay came into the hospital at 3am this morning. And little Willow Elizabeth was born at 9.06am.

And as fans of the monarchy Lauren and dad Liam Southgate decided to name their new daughter to honour the Queen.