London Marathon clear up will remove 7 tonnes of rubbish, 4 tonnes of recycling and 40,000 plastic water bottles

London Marathon clear up to remove 40,000 water bottles. Credit: PA

The clear-up operation at this year's London Marathon will remove over seven tonnes of rubbish, four tonnes of recycling and 40,000 plastic water bottles.

Westminster City Council’s cleaning teams begin clearing the route as soon as the last people cross the finish line.

The team of 35 will set to work just after 5pm and aim to have all rubbish and recycling removed within two hours.

After the last runner has crossed the finish line, our staff will be out in force to ensure that Westminster’s roads are cleared and back to working order in record time.

Westminster cllr Melvyn Caplan

In 2015, the team collected a total of seven tonnes of rubbish, including four tonnes of recyclable waste and 40,000 plastic water bottles which were recycled into items such as new bottles, eco-friendly clothing or upholstery for car seats.