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Sadiq Khan is 'sixth most intelligent politician' in history

According to a poll, Sadiq Khan is the 6th most intelligent politician in history Credit: PA

London mayor Sadiq Khan has been voted the sixth most intelligent politician in history according to a poll published today.

Khan ranks behind the likes of American President Barack Obama, Margaret Thatcher and his predecessor Boris Johnson, according to a YouGov poll.

During an interview last week Donald Trump challenged Sadiq Khan to an IQ test Credit: PA

From the list of 30 politicians the presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump ranked 29th, slightly ahead of former president George W. Bush.

In a recent interview with Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan, Donald Trump's well-documented spats were in the headlines when Mr Trump challenged Sadiq Khan to an IQ test.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ranked 24th alongside his predecessor Ed Miliband Credit: YouGov
Boris Johnson polled higher than his successor who was elected earlier this month Credit: PA

However the former MP for Tooting didn't faired better than former mayor Boris Johnson who was ranked above him in 5th.