Pickles the guide cat helps visually impaired owner around the house

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A visually impaired woman says she has trained her pet to help her around the house to become Britain's only guide cat.

Kim Ward has taught Pickles to do tasks such as finding her phone and can even detect when her owner is about to have a seizure.

Kim, 50, uses a wheelchair following a bus crash in 1999. She suffers seizures which Pickles has learned to predict and warn his owner by scratching and purring.

Kim from Blackheath, south east London, also began losing her eyesight in 2011.

She now relies on Pickles to keep her company and help her out around the house.

We trained him to sit, stay, wait, and lay down. We taught him like you would a dog. When my phone rings he will go and stand next to it so I can find it - I don't have peripheral vision but I can see him against certain surfaces from certain angles. He's a bit like a guide dog.

Kim Ward

When Kim and her husband Keith, 55, started teaching Pickles a few token tricks they never expected the fantastic feline would develop such an extensive skill set.> The cat has even taught himself to predict when his owner is about to have a fit and does his best not to keep quiet about it.

Pickles will do his utmost to warn me that a seizure is due and will stay with me all the time until I'm safe. He will claw the furniture or run around to make noise when he knows I'm going to have a seizure.

Kim Ward