Has Boris Johnson done a u-turn on immigration?

Boris Johnson appeared to perform a political pirouette today when he backed tough new curbs on immigration.

The former London mayor previously attacked government plans to cap immigration and called for illegal immigrants to be granted an amnesty.

As mayor he argued London's economy relied on migrant workers.

Credit: PA

But Uxbridge MP Mr Johnson now wants to end the automatic right of EU citizens to work in the UK.

He joined fellow Leave campaigners to outline plans for an Australian-style points system to control immigration if Britain votes to leave the European Union later this month.

Mr Johnson's position seemed at odds with past statements on the positive benefits of immigration.

On a visit to India in 2012 he urged ministers to exclude overseas students from official 'net migration' figures.

Boris Johnson in Delhi in 2012 Credit: PA

In 2010 he wrote to the Home Secretary claiming government plans to limit immigration would harm the economy.

At the start of his eight years at City Hall, the new mayor argued the case for illegal immigrants to be granted an amnesty.