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Council accused of being 'Homer-phobic' after being told the statue is 'too fat'

Surrey County Council say they would welcome a slimmed down version of the cartoon character Credit: SWNS

A barber has been told by his local council to move a 7ft statue of Homer Simpson from outside his shop because it is 'too fat'.

Surrey County Council have told barbershop owner Russell Butler to get a 'slimmed down' version of the cartoon character because wheelchairs and buggies can't get past, sparking health and safety concerns.

Russell Butler says the yellow statue has been outside his shop for 10 years. Credit: SWNS

Surrey County Council sent the letter on April 22 asking Mr Butler to move the statue as Homer was said to be an "obstruction" to the pavement.

I was still quite angry about it though. It is just petty and a waste of time. They're Homer-phobic.

You can't get the council to do the things we need, but they are more than happy to send a photographer to get pictures of Homer and ask us to move him. They should sit here for an hour watching people come by with smiles on their faces and taking photos.


Russell Butler claims he received the letter from the council after he spotted council staff taking photos. Mr Butler claimed that the statue has been present outside he shop in Ewell, Surrey for the last decade.

Our main focus is on making sure residents can safely get down the street so we would welcome a slimmed down version of Homer Simpson.