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London students design 30kg, fuel-efficient car

The UCL prototype vehicle Credit: Jeff Moore

University College London and Colchester Institute students were joined by Countdown’s Rachel Riley today for the official launch of a potential car of the future, which weighs in at just 30kg.

The fuel efficient invention has been designed and built to compete in the world’s longest running student competition, Shell Eco-marathon, where vehicles are measured on how far they can travel on just a litre of fuel.

The current record is 3771km/l - the equivalent of traveling from London to Helsinki and back.

Make the Future London, takes place from June 30 to July 3, at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Countdown’s Rachel Riley finds out more from the UCL students behind the car Credit: Jeff Moore
The UCL prototype vehicle Credit: Jeff Moore
Countdown’s Rachel Riley helps the team lift the 30kg vehicle Credit: Jeff Moore