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Polish Social and Cultural Association: 'A few people feel they've license to express their feelings - it's horrifying'

The chair of the Polish Social and Cultural Association has said that she feels "horrified" following abusive graffiti that was posted on their building in Hammersmith.

She said that people at the centre had also been overwhelmed by messages of support and flowers from neighbours and friends in the community.

We were very surprised and shocked.

Our staff came in morning to open up... and saw this horrendous sign all over the building.

I don't think any of us have ever encountered anything like that in London before.

The positive thing is all the positive messages of support that have come out of it... even neighbours who have left flowers and said sorry.

There are a few people out there that feel that strongly... they sort of feel they have been given a license to express their feelings, which is quite horrifying. I'm sure that is not what was intended.

– Joanna Mludzinska, Polish Social and Cultural Association