There were scenes of panic this afternoon when a car was engulfed in flames in the Dartford Tunnel.

People had to flee their vehicles and run out of the tunnel as thick smoke billowed from the car.

The sprinkler system then started spraying everyone with water.

Amy Spencer, 21, who was in a car just behind the one on fire, said she was worried the car was going to blow up.

There was a man walking out of the tunnel but he wasn't saying get out of your cars and we just thought it was really strange.

Amy Spencer

Both tunnels were closed but it is believed one has since reopened.

Kent and Essex fire brigades are on the scene.

Kent Police say they were called at 12.53pm to reports of a car fire and no one has been reported injured.

Crews assisted firefighters from Kent in extinguishing a car fire in the Dartford Tunnel.

Essex County Fire & Rescue