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Explainer: Three key things to check and claim back money when your train is delayed

Whether it's leaves on the track or not enough staff, you can claim money back if your train is delayed or cancelled.

Explainer: Three things to claim back train delays. Credit: ITV News

1. You need to have been delayed by 30 minutes to get a refund

Delays are measured by when you got to your destination.

Generally passengers will not be able to claim for a delay of less than half an hour.

If a replacement train gets you to your destination within 30 minutes of when your journey was due in, it will not count as a delay, even if you left late.

2. You can only claim if the train operator is at fault (but most pay out anyway)

Strictly by the rules, train operators pay out only if they are at fault.

In the real world, many passengers manage to get a refund for delays over half an hour for any reason.

3. How much money you get refunded depends on the train company

When a train is delayed or cancelled and you choose not to travel, you can get a full refund.

But if passengers travel on a train which is delayed by more than 30 minutes, then you must refer to the train company's passenger charter.

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