Care worker who conned pensioner out of thousands while doing her shopping gets suspended sentence

Care assistant Angela McIntyre preyed on a pensioner. Credit: Met Police

A care worker who conned a pensioner out of thousands of pounds while doing her shopping has been handed a suspended sentence.

Care assistant Angela McIntyre preyed on a pensioner by defrauding her out of thousands of pounds claiming she was doing her shopping.

She was given a 12-month suspended sentence and a life-time ban in working in the care industry.

Angela McIntyre, 55, of Falmouth Road, near Elephant and Castle, was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, which was suspended for two years, and ordered to pay a compensation order of £50 a month for two years after she was found guilty of obtaining money by fraud on June 30 at Isleworth Crown Court.

She was sentenced on Friday, 15 July at the same court.

McIntyre worked at the care home in Chelsea where she met the 93-year-old woman, who was a resident there.

Over the course of five months, McIntyre persuaded the woman to give her blank cheques under the guise of going shopping for her.

The investigation was started after the woman’s bank raised concerns about suspicious activity in the bank account.

In total, 23 cheques amounting to £4,800 had been cashed from the victim’s account written out to McIntyre.

Whilst McIntyre had told the woman she would buy personal items for her, she actually only ever gave items from the care home.

The care home confirmed that the items were provided to the victim free of charge.

She was subsequently arrested and charged