Skorpion machine gun and ammo ordered by north London gang member from prison using mobile phone

Gang members jailed -loaded Skorpion machine gun found. Credit: Met Police

North London gang members have been jailed after loaded Skorpion machine gun found stashed in a garden.

Two gang members and a woman who hid a loaded Skorpion machine gun in an Enfield garden have been jailed at Wood Green Crown Court.

Farah Mohamed, 22 was serving a prison sentence for unrelated matters when the machine gun was recovered on 28, July 2015.

The Ocles Skorpion machine gun and ammo. Credit: Met Police

He pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy to transfer a prohibited weapon, one count of conspiracy to transfer prohibited ammunition and two counts of possessing a phone without authority whilst in prison and was jailed for ten years on Friday, 15 July.

Mohamed had organised the delivery of weapons to his girlfriend's address via their friend and fellow gang member Jamal Mahmoud, 21, of Waltham Gardens, Enfield.

Farah Mohamed. Credit: Met Police

He pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy to transfer a prohibited weapon and one count of conspiracy to transfer prohibited ammunition and was sentenced to six years and six months - this sentenced will come into effect after her serves an existing five and a half years imprisonment for a separate robbery offence.

Jamal Mahmoud. Credit: Met Police

The gun had been hidden in the Enfield back garden of Mohamed's girlfriend, Inger Komakech, 23 of Dendridge Close, Enfield.

She admitted three counts of possessing prohibited firearms for sale or transfer, one count of possessing prohibited ammunition for sale or transfer and possession of ammunition without a firearm certificate and was jailed for five years.

Mohamed had organised the firearms supply from his prison cell with the use of an illegally held mobile phone.

Inger Komakech. Credit: Met Police

Both Mohamed and Mahmoud were active members of the 'Get Money Gang' which has operated for a number of years in the Enfield area and historically been involved in a number of violent incidents in disputes over turf wars.

Officers from the Met's Trident Gang Crime Command uncovered the haul after executing a warrant at Dendridge Close, Enfield on 28 July 2015.

The address was empty, however a rucksack was recovered from the rear garden outbuilding. A subsequent search of the rucksack revealed a small black case containing two loaded handguns.

The recovery of this arsenal has undoubtedly saved lives.

DC Gareth Starr from the Trident Gang Crime Command

A small red case was also located and found to contain a loaded Skorpion Machine Gun. A total of over two-hundred rounds of ammunition were also found. The ammunition was in various forms. Some of this was analysed as being designed to expand on impact.

Komakech, at a nearby address, was arrested and broke down in tears indicating that a boy called 'Jamal' had given her the rucksack. He was arrested soon after and his phone records led police to Mohamed.

A trial date was set for 11 April at Wood Green Crown Court, however all parties pleaded guilty before the trial commenced. They were all sentenced on Friday, 15 July.