South London thieves jailed after robbing pawnbrokers with a fake gun

Madelo Payi and Daniel Campbell. Credit: Met Police

Two robbers have been jailed after they used an imitation gun attacked a pawnbrokers armed to steal £15,000.

Madelo Payi, 23, of Byron Close lower Sydenham was imprisoned for eight-and-a-half years after pleading guilty to robbery of the shop in Norbury plus possession of an imitation firearm with intent.

Daniel Campbell, 22, of Yarnfield Square Peckham also admitted the shop robbery plus a separate count of robbing a staff member of their mobile and was jailed for six years.

At around 8:50am on Monday, March 7 the pair were spotted by an off-duty police officer acting suspiciously in Craignish Avenue, near the junction with London Road.

The men were wearing gloves with their hoods up and the officer saw them appear to double back on themselves before getting into a Vauxhall Astra. They turned the vehicle around so it was facing towards London Road and got out again.

The officer was concerned at their actions and asked for a check to be made on the vehicle which revealed it may be travelling on false registration plates.

At 9:20am a male member of staff arrived at Cash Exchange in London Road to open up for the day. A female worker was already there waiting for him to arrive.

As he went inside, he felt someone barge against the door.

There was a struggle and Payi managed to get past him into the shop.

Payi was joined by Campbell and pointed what appeared to be a gun inside a sock at the victim and told him to open the safe.

The victim handed over around £15,000 in cash and foreign currency plus around six trays of jewellery. The suspects also stole the workers' own mobile phones and threatened to shoot them.

Payi then moved both members of staff to the toilet at the back of the shop and told them to wait before the suspects made their escape.

Police units were in the area having been called to reports of the men acting suspiciously. They were inspecting the Astra when they spotted Payi and Campbell who, upon seeing them, began to run.

One PC tackled Campbell while two more constables chased Payi, who dropped money as he fled.

Payi then ran into some bushes by Norbury Hill Park and was caught and arrested.

The imitation firearm, still in the sock, was recovered from the bushes.Sentencing took place on July 15 at the Old Bailey.