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Blind man pulled from tube tracks by onlookers after stumbling

The man was left 'visibly shocked' after the fall Credit: PA

Commuters helped rescue a blind man who fell onto a the tracks at a busy tube station.

The man, described as being in his thirties, stumbled onto the tracks at Finchley Road whilst making the crossover from the Metropolitan to Jubilee Line.

Jack Mendel, 23, said he heard shouts of "oh my god" and turned to see a crowd forming by the track at approximately 8.25am on Thursday.

Around "four or five" members of the public and a TfL worker then helped the man back onto the platform.

"After the fall it was clear he was shocked", Mr Mendel said.

Despite his experience, the man did not require hospital treatment.

A blind man who has a stick was travelling from the Metropolitan Line to the Jubilee Line, which is a journey he makes every day.

Unfortunately he fell onto the tracks and the power was immediately stopped.

Two people who were stood next to him helped him up before station officials arrived.

– TfL spokesperson