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High-speed West End police chase with £7,000 motorbike

Two superbikes were involved in a dramatic chase with armed police across the West End in broad daylight.

Witnesses claimed the high-performance motorbikes even mounted the pavement during the pursuit near the Vaudeville Theatre on the Strand.

Simon Aukland's motorbike was stolen and abandoned Credit: SWNS

The two riders were on a bike each, before one was dumped and its driver jumped on the back of the other.

The dumped bike, which was stolen, was a £7,000 black Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300R which had been parked in St. James's Park - with a top speed of 194mph.

As the pair sped off towards Somerset House they were followed by an unmarked police car, according to witnesses.

Following on foot was a firearms officer with his gun in his hand shouting at the bikers to stop.

Shortly afterwards, armed officers on bikes were seen speeding passed before a police van with more firearms officers arrived on the scene.

Simon Auckland, owner of the stolen Suzuki, said he received a phone call from police on Thursday morning asking whether he was at home.

"I was like 'I'm at work, what's this about?'", Mr Auckland said.

"The police asked 'are you out riding your bike because you've just been spotted speeding down the Strand' - I said 'It's not me!'"

I got an Uber down here to get it back but they've wrecked it.

They've blown the barrel and broke the steering lock.

They tried to start it with one of their keys and hammered it right into the lock so now it won't start - this bike was immaculate a month ago.

– Simon Auckland, bike owner