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London School of Economics suffers drop in student satisfaction in national survey

London School of Economics saw its satisfaction rate fall significantly compared to last year - making it the lowest-scoring major university.

LSE have highlighted immediate steps to improve their performance. Credit: PA

LSE consistently ranks highly in university league tables, but this latest survey gave the institution 75 percentage points - a six-point drop on last year.

Similarly to previous years, London institutions performed poorly on student satisfaction, with half of the 20 lowest-ranking UK universities located in the capital.

LSE will invest £2 million in teaching excellence. Credit: PA

Paul Kelly, pro-director of education at the LSE, said that the school was taking urgent steps to address its poor performance: "As an institution, we are not used to coming bottom of any league table, and we are not happy about it, but this is not a surprise.

"This is why we will be investing £11 million over the next three years on teaching and learning and why LSE has embarked on the biggest development of its building infrastructure in 120 years."