Walk the Tube: Map reveals number of steps between stations

The new map that helps commuters walk the Tube Credit: Transport for London

Do you know how many steps you would have to take to walk between Oxford Circus and Bond Street stations? Well wonder no more.

Transport for London (TfL) has tinkered with the London Tube map to show commuters how many steps there are between every station.

So, want to get from Oxford Circus to Bond Street? That will be 700 steps.

Fancy ditching the train for a walk from Highbury & Islington to King’s Cross? You might need some sturdy walking shoes – the map says it is 3,500 steps.

TfL says it hopes the new map will "inspire people to try new routes".

We need to make it easier and more enjoyable to walk around London. We all hop on the Tube to take short journeys around central London, whether for work or when we’re out in the evening.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

The map follows one released last year that showed the walking distances between stations in minutes.

People often use the Tube map to navigate the city, but many don’t realise just how close some stations are to each other and that they could save time as well as build more physical activity into their daily routine.

Ben Plowden, director of surface strategy and planning at TfL

See the full map here.