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Woman and boy killed after car chased by police crashes in south east London

A woman and a boy have been killed after a car police were pursuing crashed into a family.

Credit: ITV London exclusive

Both pedestrians were pronounced dead at the scene in Lennard Road, Penge.

Three girls also suffered multiple injuries and have been taken to hospital.

Witness Venissa Vassell, who helped in the aftermath, said she performed CPR on the injured lady but "it wasn't working".

She said the boy who died was aged around 10 and was fine one moment, but then "by the time I came back to speak to the little girl to say 'your brother is alright', he was passed out."

Police were pursuing the vehicle when it collided with members of the public Credit: @ShulemStern/Twitter

Ms Vassell said twin girls aged around seven were trapped under the car and "20 people" came to lift the car up to free them.

The girls "crawled out", she added, but another girl, aged around 11, was screaming 'I can't feel my legs'.

It was a horrific scene on a sunny afternoon in a sleepy place.

He lost control and ploughed into a family that was walking on the pavement down Lennard Road.

People were trying to lift a car off a little girl. The police officers that were chasing were distraught.

– Eyewitness

Three ambulance crews, two incident response officers, an advanced paramedic and London's Air Ambulance attended the scene in south east London at just after 2pm.

The car was being chased by police after being reported as stolen.

Officers started pursuing the car in Birkbeck Road, Beckenham, about five minutes before the accident.

Police have arrested the 23-year-old male driver on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and theft of a motor vehicle

Tayla Goodman told Sky News she saw "children running away" from the scene in "absolute tears, unable to speak" after the car "ploughed into the grass bank".

Then a lady ran out across from Penge east station shouting 'that's my baby'.. 'that's my baby over there'.

– Tayla Goodman, eyewitness
At least two other people have reportedly been injured Credit: @ShulemStern/Twitter

The Directorate of Professional Standards and Independent Police Complaints Commission have both been informed.

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