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Handgun found in Camden lock

A handgun has been found in Camden lock after it was drained.

The handgun was spotted in the drained lock Credit: Canal & River Trust

The corroded weapon was discovered this morning.

Police said the handgun was not dangerous and had no firing mechanism.

The lock was last drained around 25 years ago, in the early 1990s.

It was drained last week but the weapon was only spotted when silt and other grime was removed.

The lock was drained so gates could be replaced Credit: Canal & River Trust

Until the police came, we didn’t know what type of gun it was and whether it was dangerous, so no one went near it.

Once police said it’s not dangerous and very old, I was thinking it’s quite exciting, though that’s probably not the right thing to say.

Normally you find old bottles, or bikes, or plastic bags. So to find a gun is quite unusual.

– Canal & River Trust campaign manager Sarah Burns

The lock, one of two that sit next to each other, was drained so the lock gates could be replaced – something that happens about once every 25 years.

There will be a silent disco there on Saturday as part of celebrations to mark the completion of the project.

Police have allowed organisers to display the gun at this weekend's events, before they take it away to examine it further.