A woman who has cerebral palsy says she felt 'humiliated' after bouncers refused her entry to a nightclub

A woman who has cerebral palsy and needs to use walking sticks says she felt 'humiliated' after bouncers refused her entry to a nightclub.

Katouche Goll says she was not allowed into Video Visions Bar in Kingsland Road, Dalston on Friday night.

The nightclub says staff should have informed them of her condition before she arrived.

But Katouche says she called ahead hours earlier but could not get through.

This is an issue that is bigger than me - it's to do with how disabled people are perceived and how we're treated in general. It means to me that this can happen again so I think a combination of those things made me very upset.

Even if they may have acted in the interest of my safety the venue should be accessible anyway.

It's not a heritage site, so if you can't provide a service for everybody then you need to re-evaluate what it's there to do.

– Katouche Goll

The club has issued a statement saying they wanted to "apologise for any inconvenience and for any upset caused".

Safety is the magic word that rests on the mind of every well ran licensed venue. Especially in times like these where London's nightlife is under attack.

If someone has a disability which inhibits their movement or the movement of those in close proximity, it's important that we are notified in advance so that we can make adequate preparations and where possible nullify any hazards.

Unfortunately in the early hours of Saturday 3rd, Katouche Goll turned up at the venue without notifying us.

Our security considered whether we could make an exception for her, but after observing her navigate the pavement and taking into consideration the capacity of the venue at time, potential alcohol consumption and the steep staircase leading down into the basement, it was considered too great a safety risk for all in attendance including her.

We apologise for any inconvenience and for any upset we may have caused Katouche.

We welcome Katouche back to party in the future with adequate notice.

– Visions Video Bar manager Gianno Parris