Adverts replaced with pictures of cats at Tube station

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If your journey takes you through Clapham Common you'll notice something different about the Tube station.

Adverts which, until recently, lined the escalators, ticket hall and walkways have been replaced with pictures of cats.

A total of 68 adverts have disappeared after more the £20,000 was raised in a crowdfunding campaign.

The aim is simple - to make Londoners feel good and think differently.

The initiative is the first project from Glimpse, a new collective which aims to use creativity for good.

The animals featured are stray cats from two rescue charities, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Cats Protection.

Glimpse is already planning its next advertising 'takeover', and is inviting people to submit entries at The current frontrunner is 'dogs'.

So did it bring joy to the commuters of Clapham? You can watch Katie Oakes' report here: