Man accused of trying to kill Donald Trump 'was hearing voices'

The UK lawyer representing the man accused of trying to kill Donald Trump in Las Vegas says she is hopeful a new psychiatric report will play a key part in his defence.

Michael Sandford being led out of the Donald Trump rally Credit: Reuters

Saimo Chahal QC, who visited Michael Sandford in America last week, said:

Michael has been assessed by a psychiatrist and a very interesting piece of information has come forward. He appears to have been acting under a very psychotic episode at the time he tried to pull out the (officer's) gun.

He was hearing a voice telling him to rid the world of Trump. So, it does seem he was in a very bad mental state at the time that he allegedly committed this offence.

– Saimo Chahal
Lynne Sandford with lawyer Saimo Chahal

The pictures of Michael Sandford, who's from Dorking, being frogmarched out of the political rally where he was arrested were beamed around the world. It's alleged he tried to grab an officer's gun and said he wanted to kill the presidential hopeful.

In a rare move an American judge granted his mother permission to visit him twice in the main court house Las Vegas for a face-to-face meeting. His sister Jessica and grandmother Christine were allowed to visit him at a detention centre but their meeting was via a video link.

Christine found seeing her grandson in prison hard and found it difficult to control her emotions.

I don't think I'll ever see him again because I'm elderly now and Michael thinks he's going to be there for some time.

– Christine, grandmother

A tearful Lynne says leaving her son after the final meeting was heartbreaking.

Turning around for the last time to say goodbye was the worst feeling possible. He looked so alone and dejected but I will never ever give up on him.

– Lynne Sandford, mother