Mum dies from blood poisoning after scratching hand while gardening

The mother of a woman who died from sepsis after she cut her hand gardening says she believes her daughter would still be alive if she had been given the correct medical treatment when she first complained of feeling unwell.

Lucy with her partner Darren O'Neill

Lucinda Smith started feeling unwell with a pain in her shoulder a few days after she scratched her hand while gardening at her home in Billericay in Essex.

The 43-year-old mother of two went to see her GP but was sent away with a prescription to control the pain and was told to see a physiotherapist.

Lucy with her children Megan (9) and George (6)

Miss Smith 's condition continued to deteriorate and 3 days later she went to the accident and emergency department at Basildon Hospital.

Her mother, Shirley believes by then her fate was already sealed.

It was too late. By then her arm and hand were swollen and blotchy and she was vomiting.

– Shirley, mother
Lucy with her children Megan (9) and George (6)

A blood test revealed Miss Smith had sepsis, which is a form of blood poisoning. She was immediately admitted for emergency treatment but died two days later from organ failure.

If she'd been given the test and had her blood pressure taken when she first complained of feeling unwell I'm convinced she could have been saved.

The saddest thing is her children have been left without their Mummy and it could have been avoided.

– Shirley, mother

The inquest ruled she died of toxic shock caused by sepsis.

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