Diamond dealer couple jailed for laundering £53m for organised crime groups

Danny Koort and Jeanette Rosen were jailed for 11 and 10 years respectively Credit: PA

A diamond dealing couple have begun jail terms for their role in laundering up to £53 million for organised crime groups.

Danny Koort and Jeanette Rosen from Finchley used their diamond dealing business as a cover to launder money using codenames including Champagne, Caviar and Cristal.

Investigators found thousands of pounds in cash in Rosen's office. When she was arrested she was carrying just short of £170,000 in a central London street.

A search of the couple's home unearthed a piece of paper with calculations entitled 'Mu Big Friend, totaling an outstanding amount of £60,100.

They were brought to justice following an investigation by City of London Police and the National Crime Agency.

Accomplice Andrew Russell, 54, of Ongar in Essex, was also convicted of money laundering and jailed for four years.