Uber to appeal against tribunal defeat

Uber claims the ruling could deprive drivers of personal flexibility Credit: Reuters

Online taxi company Uber is to appeal against the landmark ruling that its drivers are employees.

The company claims that its defeat at an employment tribunal on Firday could "deprive them of the personal flexibility they value".

After two drivers successfully argued they were employees rather than self-employed operators, the company mailed customers outlining why they planned to appeal.

Sweeping changes affecting thousands of workers could be triggered by the ruling, which could entitle them to holiday pay and a guaranteed minimum wage.An email was sent to customers written by the UK's regional general manager Jo Bertram, outlining the reasons why the firm planned to appeal against the decision.

Thousands of drivers in London work for Uber. The company's claims however were dismissed by the law firm representing the two drivers in Friday's tribunal.

Annie Powell, from the employment team at Leigh Day,said: "It is simply incorrect to say that the tribunal ruling will deprive drivers of their flexibility.

"As the tribunal ruling shows, flexible working is not inconsistent with worker status and there is no legal reason whatsoever why workers' rights would lead to less flexibility.

"We are concerned that this false claim about flexibility will deter other Uber drivers from asserting their rights."