Help lonely 84-year-old find the friend he made while in hospital

A daughter is on a mission to reunite her lonely father with a new friend he made while they were both in hospital.

Donald Sullivan met Ian while in the Hillyers Ward at Guy's and St Tomas' Hospital

Donald Sullivan, who's 84 and disabled, has seen all his friends die over the years and has been left rather lonely.

When he was admitted to Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital he met a man called Ian and the two of them instantly connected.

They exchanged numbers, but Donald missed Ian's call and Donald lost Ian's number and now he's on a mission to find him again.

Donald's daughter Julianne said: "Ian asked for my dad's number and a few weeks later Ian called him.

"My mum wasn't in and my dad couldn't answer the phone in time so we don't have his number and now my dad's worried Ian thinks he's not interested in being friends.

"Sometimes you just meet someone that's on your level and you instantly connect.

She said she's tried calling the hospital but without a surname they say they can't help.

What she does know is that Ian's in his 50s, lives in the Dartford area in some form of sheltered accommodation, is a policeman and has three daughters.

"My dad just won't let it go," Julianne added. "He just lonely and he needs a friend. "My dad used to be a commercial artist and can't get up to London anymore but just wants someone to call once a week."

Mr Sullivan had vascular surgery and was in hospital on the Hillyers Ward on July 4 and 5.

If you think you know Ian, please email so we can reunite them.