Viral Christmas song taps into frustrations of the Dartford Toll crossing to land a million views and chart release

Xmas Dartford song gets million views and chart release. Credit: Southend News Network

A viral Charity Christmas song has tapped into the frustrations caused by the Dartford Toll crossing by venting over queues and delays to the tune of Jingle Bells.

Across Facebook and YouTube the music video for the song, which is raising money for the homelessness charity Shelter and the British Heart Foundation, has had more than a million views.

The song, performed by Annie Humphrey, gets a chart release on December 2 as a festive single.

Londoners who hate and love will be able to download and stream a radio-friendly clean version and the original expletive-laden track.

The original viral music video was put together as a singing Powerpoint’.

But now the creators say they are putting something "very special" together for the official release.