Mother of man accused of trying to kill Donald Trump fears he may now face a longer prison sentence

Michael Sandford being led out of the Donald Trump rally Credit: Reuters

The mother of Michael Sandford, the man from Dorking who's accused of trying to shoot Donald Trump, has written a letter to Theresa May pleading with her not to forget her son when she holds talks with the man who will be the next President of the United States.

Lynne says she is worried Michael may now face a longer jail term when he is sentenced in December.

She said seeing Donald Trump's face everywhere is a constant reminder of what her son is going through.

"Donald Trump is everywhere you just can't get away from it. Everywhere you turn round you see him," she said.

Michael has been held in The Nevada Southern detention centre since he last June.

He was arrested at a political rally where Trump was speaking in Las Vegas

Lynne managed to get through to her son on the phone to ask how he was feeling:


Pictures of him being frogmarched out of the casino with his hands cuffed behind his back were beamed around the world.

In September a judge accepted a plea bargain from Michael in which he admitted being an illegal alien in possession of a gun.

He's due to be sentenced next month.