Takeaway pizza delivery man burned with acid: 'The burning pain was unbelievable'

WARNING: This article contains images some may find distressing.

Imran Khan was targeted twice. Credit: ITV London

A takeaway pizza delivery man says the teenagers who squirted him with acid scarring him for life are dangerous and need to be caught.

Imran Khan was targeted twice by the same group of youths on the same night.

The father or five was sitting in his car near a parade of shops in Barking in Essex when two youths ran out and squirted the noxious substance through the window.

Imran Khan was targeted twice. Credit: ITV London

He suffered burn injuries to his face neck arm and hands.

My face was burning the pain was unbelievable. It felt like my lip was going to melt off and I was really worried about my my eye. I thought I may have been blinded.

When my youngest daughter saw me she didn't recognise me and said "that is not my daddy".

– Imran Khan

Fortunately Mr Collins cries for help were heard by a man in a shop close by who reacted quickly, dowsing him in water.

"If it had not been for the actions of that man my injuries would have been so much worse. I probably would have lost my sight," he said.

A short time before the acid attack Mr Khan had been surrounded by up to 15 youths as he tried to deliverer a pizza at the same address but on that occasion the group ran off.

He is convinced the same group is responsible for both attacks. So far there have been no arrests

Police are currently investigating a serious assault that happened on Tuesday, November 8 at about 6.05pm in Longbridge Road where the victim had a noxious substance sprayed in his face..

Officers will continue to keep the victim updated as to the progress of the investigation.

– Met Police
  • Information to Redbridge CID on 0208 345 2751 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.