Is this Britain's most boring hobby? Man takes photos of lost gloves

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A man from Surrey is proud of having one of Britain's dullest hobbies - taking photographs of lost gloves.

Mark Leigh, 48, began taking pictures of lost gloves around three years ago, and has since collected over 300 photos.

He has now been named Mr November in the Dull Men's Club annual calendar, joining a cutlery sculptor, a tombstone traveller and a radio repairer.

Mark works in marketing and is also a published author but spends his spare time indulging his bizarre hobby.

The Dull Men's Club was established in 1985, celebrating the boring hobbies.>But this year, for the first time, their calendar features four women, including a collector of barbed wire, the manager of a pencil museum and a champion mini-golfer.>Mark, from Long Ditton, Surrey, was introduced to the club by friend and fellow member Hugh Barker - a box hedge enthusiast.