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Gang jailed over 'excessively violent' knife fight about money in south east London

(Top L-R) Bozkina, Glowacki, Saver (Botton L-R) Kilic, Mahmoud and Abubakr. Credit: Met Police

Gang members have been jailed over violent fight about money in south east London, Scotland Yard said.

CCTV footage shows that all those convicted armed themselves with weapons during this confrontation.

The level of violence used was excessive and it is only by sheer luck that no person died as a result.

All six males showed a complete disregard for the safety of themselves and anyone else who may have been passing by as they fought.

Violence of this nature will not be tolerated by police - we will identify, arrest and put before the courts those who choose to take this path.

– Detective Constable Rob Jones

Seven men, part of two gangs who clashed in Joyce Avenue Edmonton in the early hours of February 25 2015, had pleaded guilty to a variety of offences.

Today, Friday 2 December Mohamed Abdi, 21, of Palmers Green appeared at Wood Green Crown court and pleaded guilty to one count affray

He was detained under the mental health act.

The remaining men had been sentenced at previous hearings.

The fight was over a dispute over money.

Two men, Hayder Bozkina, 20, and Bartek Glowacki, 21, were sentenced and jailed on 4 November, at the same court.

Rekan Saver, 20, Mahir Kilic, 27, Delman Mahmoud, 20, Mahmood Abubakr, 18, were also sentenced and jailed at earlier hearings.

At approximately 3am of that morning Haydar Bozkina, 20, had arranged to meet Rekan Saver, 20, to settle a dispute over money.

Bozkina drove to Joyce Avenue in the company Glowacki.

Once at the location, the pair saw Saver approaching them in the company of a number of other men.

Bozkina and Glowacki got out of the car and armed themselves with knives before confronting Saver's group.

Glowacki held a knife to Kilic's neck, Kilic responded by punching Glowacki.

During the ensuing altercation Saver brandished a firearm pointing it in the direction of Bozkina and Glowacki and Mahmoud swung at Glowacki and Bozkina with a machete.

Saver's group then walked away from the scene but as they did so Glowacki threw a knife at them, prompting them to rush back before a further confrontation ensued.

During this confrontation a knife was also thrown in the direction of Glowacki.

Bozkina and Glowacki tried to flee the scene in their car but it was surrounded by the group who proceeded to smash windows and attempted to attack the pair.

Mahmoud smashed the windscreen with his machete weapon while the rest of the group, including Abubakr lunged at the car attempting to get to the pair inside.

Mahmoud repeatedly lunged and stabbed through the front windows of the car with his machete.

Bozkina, who was driving the car, crashed it into a pole in his attempt to flee.

Saver's group ran off from the scene while Bozkina and Glowacki abandoned the vehicle.

The pair were traced to a local cab office by police and arrested for their part in the violence.

Officers also attended North Middlesex Hospital where Mahmoud and Kilic had sought treatment.

Both were arrested.

Saver handed himself into police at approximately 6am on February 15.

Abubakr was also arrested for his role in the disorder.

Officers found a Vauxhall Zafira used by Saver's group parked at the hospital. On searching the vehicle officers recovered a gas powered firearm.

Three knives and a sheath of a machete were found in the vicinity of Joyce Avenue.