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Decked with 90 trees and 21,000 lights can you find a more festive pub?

Britain's most festive pub has added even more Christmas trees to its annual display this year, bringing its new record to 90 trees and 21,000 lights.

The Churchill Arms is famous for its festive decorations, which took a week-and-a-half to put up and include five interior trees, reindeer lights and stars on the roof.

Landlord Gerry O'Brien, 65, has decked out the pub in Kensington, west London, with festive cheer for 32 years, with a display that began with just one tree.

The pub spends over £30,000 on decorations annually, with £25,000 spent on flowers alone, and is adorned with hanging baskets and flower boxes in the summer.

We want to make the lights look better every year and it really does make a striking impression.

This year we've got a lovely reindeer outside the door in front of the Queen's picture, so it looks like she's taking a ride to Buckingham Palace on the sleigh.

– Gerry O'Brien, landlord

We're still finishing off inside, but we've got the 18ft tree outside, five inside, and then all the others, with 21,000 lights.

We do it for our area - it's lovely to see people's reactions, and Christmas is such a special time of year.

It's only once a year and we should make the most of it and enjoy it. It's good for business too, people come from all over to look at the lights.

– Gerry O'Brien, landlord