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Cheese-themed extravaganza 'descends into chaos'

A cheese-themed extravaganza in south London descended into chaos last night after huge crowds turned up at the event in Borough Market.

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Dozens of cheese lovers were left bitterly disappointed after failing to see a single piece of cheddar, brie or gouda.

Punters complained of too few stalls and too many people. According to the event's Facebook page 18,000 people said they were going to the 'Evening of Cheese'.

The event featured more than 20 of Borough Market’s renowned cheesemongers "ready and waiting to waft an array of exquisite cheese under your nose".

From Stichelton to Valencay, Comte to Caerphilly, Borough Market has it covered.

This is your chance to chat to our cheese experts about their craft—plus you’ll get the opportunity to sample and buy from a selection of tasty artisan cheeses.

– Evening of Cheese

But Borough Market was overwhelmed by huge crowds and the backlash began on Facebook.

To be honest. The whole event was a joke. As someone who frequents to Borough market I've never seen such lack of organisation.

I've even gone to festivals such as Bastille Day at the market (far better). But never seen such chaos.

Couldn't get anywhere near any cheese and overcrowded to a point of dangerous capacity.

– Noor Kalumba

I am distressed and appalled at how inaccessible this event was. Remarkably difficult to get to any cheese whatsoever.

– Jonathan Romelle Warner

I unfortunately couldn't make this event but I extend my solidarity to those who were unable to get cheese.

– Moonisah Iqbal

Organisers apologised and promised they would learn from their mistakes.

We're of course saddened to hear that some of you were disappointed.

For the last ten years we've opened the Market for this special event and this year saw unprecedented numbers attend, making the Market much busier than usual.

Clearly, we've got some lessons to learn due to the evening's popularity and we'll be taking all of your comments into account for next year.

– Borough Market