Six poorly puppies dumped in a bucket on a doorstep

Six poorly puppies have been dumped in a bucket and left on a doorstep in Chobham Surrey just days before Christmas.

The five-week-old pups, thought to be lurchers, were abandoned in an orange bucket last Wednesday.>The puppies have parvovirus - a potentially deadly virus that is common among puppy farmed dogs. >The RSPCA is investigating the case and is asking anyone with information to come forward.

Someone knocked on a house door in Chobham before running off, when the house owners opened the door the puppies were on the doorstep in the bucket. It is just unbelievable. To dump an animal at any time of year is heartless but to do it just before Christmas is callous. It is quite possible they were bred to be sold as Christmas presents but were then dumped when they became ill. We may never know - but what is certain is that no animal deserves this kind of treatment. These poor pups are young and still very much dependent on their mum and, of course, human care. They were just left on that doorstep on a cold, wet winter’s day without a second thought.

Rob Jackson, RSPCA

The six pups - named after Santa’s reindeer Cupid, Dasher, Blitzen, Rudolf, Prancer and Dancer - are now being cared for by staff at RSPCA Millbrook.

We would urge anyone who knows about what happened to contact us as soon as possible on our hotline 0300 123 4999.

Rob Jackson, RSPCA