Car wash owner jailed after employee is electrocuted while showering in rat-infested flat

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The owner of a car wash where a worker was electrocuted in the shower has been jailed for four years.

Shaip Nimani, 52, was in charge of Bubbles Car wash in Bethnal Green when Sandu Laurentiu Sava was killed.>Mr Sava worked and lived at the car wash in Malcolm Place and was electrocuted in a shower in living quarters.

Living area Credit: Met Police

Nimani, a father-of three, was charged with manslaughter and four health and safety offences.>His brother Nusret Nimani, 46, who worked at the car wash, was acquitted of manslaughter at the same hearing.

Living area Credit: Met Police

Health and Safety Executive investigators inspected the living quarters and found the building was also infested with rats. >The living area was badly wired and a fire risk with plugs overloaded and extension leads plugged into more extension leads.>They also found the electric meter had been bypassed to avoid paying for electricity.

Rat-infested bedroom Credit: Met Police

In a statement the family of Sandu-Laurentiu Sava said: