Race row over white actors cast as Chinese characters

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We've had the row about the lack of parts for black actors in the UK and 'whitewashing' at the Oscars.

Now the issue about racism in the entertainment industry is focusing the spotlight on the theatre and whether it is right to cast white actors in a production which is set in China and features Chinese characters.

The Print Room, Notting Hill Credit: Google Street View

Protesters are furious with management at The Print Room in Notting Hill's old Coronet building and have accused them of "yellowface casting" in its production of Howard Barker's play 'In The Depths of Love'.>Characters such as Mrs Hu, Lord Ghang, Chin and Lady Hasi are being played by actors Jane Bertish, William Chubb, James Clyde and Stella Gonet.>The Print Room argues the play is not about Chinese society, culture or perspectives and says if it were they would have taken a different approach. But critics say this isn't true and insist the casting marginalises Asian actors.>The row is now being played out on social media with many commentators labelling the theatre, "racist".>Campaigners say they'll hold a protest outside the theatre tonight.>In a statement, The Print Room said: