Lee Rigby's mother criticises courts for being 'threatened with arrest'

Lyn Rigby described her treatment as "absurd and shocking" Credit: PA

The mother of murdered soldier Lee Rigby has criticised the courts for threatening to arrest her if she failed to attended the appeal hearing of an internet troll who taunted her over her son's death.

Lee Rigby was killed on 22 May 2013 Credit: PA

Lyn Rigby said she was left "trembling from head to foot" when a photo of Islamic extremist Michael Adebolajo, covered in her son's blood and brandishing a meat cleaver, was used as evidence during the hearing.

She described her treatment as "absurd and shocking" and said it was one of the worst weeks of her life since her son was murdered.

Conspiracy theorist Christopher Spivey, from Essex, was convicted of harassing the Rigby family and sending grossly offensive messages over social media in 2015.