Suspects dragged from their bed as riot police storm homes looking for robbers

Twelve people have been arrested after police conducted dawn raids in an attempt to stop crimes which involve mopeds.

Police raided 15 homes around the capital in the early hours of this morning Credit: ITV London

Criminals often steal mopeds with the sole intention of using them to commit crimes including burglary and violent robbery.

This morning's operation saw more than 100 police officers kitted out with riot helmets, shields and body-worn cameras storm into 15 homes.

According to an ITV London investigation there has been a seven fold increase in businesses being targeted by robbers on mopeds.

During the raids suspects were dragged out of bed looking stunned as they were led away in handcuffs.

Officers from the specialist riot unit Credit: ITV London

All 12 of those arrested this morning were male and are now being held in police stations across the capital.

The raids were executed after five months of surveillance to try and reduce the level of moped-enabled crime in north London.

More than 100 police were used in the dawn raids Credit: ITV London

The use of mopeds, often stolen, in the course of criminal offences is a common tactic used by thieves and organised criminal networks in London.

The offences range from commercial burglaries to personal robberies, some of the offences have been violent in nature.

– Ch Supt Simon Laurence, Hackney
Two shops were attacked on Friday night by robbers using mopeds Credit: Wai Phyo Aung

On Friday night there were two smash-and-grab raids at shops in Chelsea's King's Road.

Both of the gangs involved were riding mopeds.

Chronext luxury watch shop has been raided twice by armed robbers Credit: CCTV

Four men were jailed in November for a total of 38 years after a smash-and-grab at a high end watch shop in Piccadilly.

During the raid specialist armed robbery team the Flying Squad were laying in wait for the robbers.