75% of Met officers believe more of their colleagues should carry tasers

Credit: PA

A majority of police officers in the Metropolitan force believe they should all routinely carry tasers because of the constant threat of terrorist attacks.

The poll by the Police Federation shows two out of three officers questioned think police should take the 50,000-volt stun guns with them on patrol.

One in four wants police to be armed with conventional guns.

Only 6% of officers feel there are currently an Credit: PA
One in four respondents said that they believe all police officers should be routinely armed. Credit: PA

Pensioner Lloyd Thames who was tasered with one of the 50,000 volt weapons by mistake after police raided the wrong address. He says giving them more armory would not deter terrorists but it would lead to more innocent members of the public being hurt.

Police later admitted they'd raided the wrong address. He has still not received a formal apology and is considering legal action but says tasers are a necessary part of police armory.

Mr Thames argues there needs to be more vigorous rules on how and when they should discharge them.